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Item Donation Policy

Items Accepted


The store welcomes the following types of materials if they are mildew and mold-free, have intact bindings/containers, or are otherwise not too damaged to sell.

·    Books – all kinds, any subject, fiction, non-fiction, hardback, paperback, children’s, teen’s, poetry, plays, photography, foreign language, etc.

·     DVDs

·    Vintage books that may have collectible appeal

·    Games & puzzles

Items Not Accepted

The store does not accept magazines, bibles, dictionaries and atlases, encyclopedias, VHS tapes, recorded books, tape cassettes and Reader’s Digest Condensed books. 



·    The store provides a blank receipt form on request which donors can fill out and use for their taxes.

·    Monetary value of items donated is not assessed, guessed at, or otherwise provided by the store or store volunteers. 


Donations of Money are gratefully accepted!


·       Send a check by mail to:

        Friends of the Weaverville Library, 41 N. Main St., Weaverville, NC 28787

·       Donate at the store with cash, a credit/debit card or a check.

·       Drop your change into the blue donations box at the store desk.


Thank you! All donations go into the Friends of the Library account for use in our mission of helping the Weaverville Branch of Buncombe County Public Libraries.

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